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A PPMG Product

A fast, reliable, powerful platform built to run all of your websites, flawlessly.

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A feature rich, turnkey solution that integrates and operates every aspect of a company's online presence is our primary focus.

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Development Features

We run a centralised development methodology that allows our clients to benefit from the size and scale of our team.

Turnkey Modules

With 50+ unique modules our clients have the flexibility to build the sites they want, with total freedom of user experience.

Marketing & SEO

Utilising our marketing, search optimisation and analytics modules will ensure you stay on top of the sites ROI and promotions.

Business Solutions

We value our clients success online, that’s why we provide tech support, documentation libraries, developer centres and other tools to guide the everyday on our platform.


We are continually developing new modules to advance the customer experience and improve the effectiveness of our platform.

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Key Features
Content Management

Our unique Content Management System (CMS) empowers our clients to take control of their day-to-day content requirements without restricting the desired UI or UX.

  • Multi-Channel Headless CMS
  • E-Comm Store Manager
  • Comprehensive API Library
  • Modular Blog Components
  • WYSIWYG Site Editor
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Product Management

Using our intuitive product management modules you can create, manage, track and edit any product within your inventory database.

  • CRM, ERP, PIM Integration Toolkits
  • Inventory Photography Production
  • Sales & OOS Notification
  • Logistics Planning & Management
  • Product Ranking and Positioning
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Picking & Packing

KMMRCE provides comprehensive solutions to our clients picking and packing requirements to provide a turnkey approach to omni system retailing.

  • Integrated Picking Application
  • Picker Management System
  • Store Mapping and Order Controls
  • Logistics Planning & Management
  • OOS and Substitutions Mapping
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Marketing & Promotion

Through our entire stack architecture we have implemented a number of controls to implement effective, data driven, SEO, SEM, Analytics and marketing programs.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Tools
  • Integrated Analytics Dashboard
  • Search Engine Marketing Engine
  • Ad Network Creation & Management
  • Sales vs. ROI Budget Tracking Tools
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