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KMMRCE has a special place for the Super Merchant, making it more intuitive to manage multiple sites

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Key Features
Centrally Managed

All Your Merchants In One Place

Onboard Merchants

Every Super Merchant can onboard and set-up new merchants within minutes before enabling permission-based access.

Merchant Data & Details

Access all necessary merchant data from the dashboard or manage details and data from your super admin portal.

  • Team management by territory
  • Full third party integration toolkits
Track Merchant Project Status

Access the project status of your merchants and engage with them to activate reviews or approvals.

Global View

Built Globally, Managed Locally

Multitiered Access

KMMRCE is designed to empower the agencies and operating groups to manage a limitless number of platforms and services.

Multilingual Architecture

Key to the centralised approach of KMMRCE is the ability to manage your sites and dashboards in the preferred language of your choosing.

  • Super Merchant Management Portals
  • Operating Group & Agency Focused
Monitor Multi-Site Movement Centrally

Our systems allow for simplified tracking of system data whether retail or financial.

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Team Management

Contribute & Collaborate Centrally

Team Creation

Super Merchants can setup the team profiles they require to manage individual or group projects.

Platform Management

As a Super Merchant you can see all activity at site level, group level and universe level. You can communicate directly from a Super Merchant dashboard.

  • In-dashboard chat and conferencing capability
  • Request monitoring and ticketing
Third-Party Integrations

Utilise our webhook library to integrate the third-party team management tools already integrated within your business.

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Cost Management

Economy in Scalability

Merchants & Agencies

Our Super Merchant architecture gives our clients greater flexibility with increased economy of scale based on volume.

Build More Pay Less

Whether using our SaaS platform or PaaS services KMMRCE gives value back to the Super Merchants based on the volume they operate.

  • Super Merchant multitenant rebates
  • Agency friendly tech stack
Usage Price Monitoring

As a Super Merchant you can easily see the usage that each of your sites achieving and the associated costs they generate.

Gallery Module Set Module Price Add Tax to price $175.00
Purchase Choose a way to pay Card Paypal Quotation Break-up Basic Costs $400.00 Module Costs $2500.00 Total $2900.00 Tax 1 $300.00 Tax 2 $150.00 Total $8676.00

We are continually developing new modules to advance the customer experience and improve the effectiveness of our platform.

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“KMMRCE provided our agency with the means to coordinate a large group of companies and centrally manage all their sites from one portal. The platform also gave our team the communication and permission standards that we needed to seamlessly manage each environment.”

Natasha Manning, Account Manager at Pinpoint Media

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Real-Time Team Activity

Activity Updates

Get real-time reports on your teams’ activity throughout your merchant environments from one central location.

  • Super Merchant dashboard notifications
  • Activity logs and highlights from merchant activity